Easy Fundraising!

What better way to raise funds for a favorite charity than with an online event hosted by Briarwood Lane?  Because we do all the inventory management and order fulfillment for your group and offer products popular with lots of folks at great pricing, your group can earn money in the bank without the hassle of coordinating orders, money and delivery.  Here's how it works...

Once your group is accepted and your promotion approved, we'll send you a unique 5% off site-wide promotional code to share with your fan base and faithful supporters. They can use that promotional code to shop our internet site of 5,000+ products.  They'll enter their order on our site, pay us online and we'll ship the product directly to your customer.  You and your organization have no work to do in the ordering and fulfillment part of the fundraiser.  At the end of your promotional period, we'll send your charitable organization a check for 20% of the total sales generated from use of the coupon code.  That's it!  No orders for you or your staff to track, pay for or deliver.  Just share your promotional code and our website address with your fan base via e-mail, Instagram, Twitter or even snail mail. Then sit back and wait for the check in the mail!

A few things to know before applying:  

  • Our fundraiser promotions run for a month at a time, starting on the 1st of the month. If you have a specific time requirement, please be sure to apply with enough lead time for the approval process.  

  • Your organization is responsible for getting the word out on your promotion.  Having a good plan in mind prior to starting the promotion will go a long way toward insuring its success.

  • This program is designed as a fundraising opportunity for charitable organizations. Personal fundraising efforts will not be approved.  

  • Your organization must have a dedicated website or social media account to apply.

Want to give it a try?  Fill out the form below and someone will respond within 7 days.  Should you have any questions with the application or understanding the program, call our Customer Support folks at 205-523-5247 Monday - Friday from 9am through 5pm EST.  Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!


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